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Parents warned against ignoring treatment of obese children

Parents warned against ignoring treatment of obese children
Parents warned against ignoring treatment of obese children
03-28-2016 07:45
Sِaudi Gazette . Mohammed Dawood
JEDDAH — King Abdulaziz University will launch on Friday a massive health campaign that will cover 20 towns and cites to raise the awareness in families about child health.

The campaign, which will coincide with the spring break, will be launched under the title: “Your child’s health is a trust” and is aimed at warning families against neglecting the medical treatment of obese or short children.

Abdul Moeen Al-Agha, campaign supervisor, said it will be a joint effort between the university and the health colleges in various parts of the Kingdom.

He said the campaign will cover 20 cities, including Riyadh, Jeddah, Makkah, Madinah, Taif, Abha and others.

Agha said the campaign is aimed at enlightening society about a number of health issues that concern children, including obesity and short height, which will have serious complications in the absence of curative or preventive medical intervention.

He said a number of families incorrectly believe that treatment of short height with growth hormone will have serious side effects. “The campaign will try to correct this misconception,” he added.

The supervisor said the campaign will focus on healthy food habits and will urge families to serve their children with vegetables, fruits and proteins while reducing carbohydrates and fats.

He said the families will be asked to make their children drink a lot of water and milk, instead of juices and beverages.

Agha said the campaign will also concentrate on spreading the culture of walking and warn the society against a lack of physical activity or sitting for long hours before the television and other electronic devices. “We will warn society against obesity and diabetes,” he said.

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